Four 12" and the new 7"-- all killer metal, at a postpaid bargain price in Canada. Very few of these left, will remove when they're gone.

GENGHIS KHAN - Who Art in Hell LP

GK formed when an English guitarist moved to Canada in February 1980, then set about forming a group in the style of the NWOBHM then sweeping his homeland. Entering Sounds Interchange (Sabbath, Stones, Kiss) in August '81, the band recorded a full album of aggressive, energetic heavy metal a la Diamond Head, Angel Witch, and Di'Anno-era Maiden, but subsequent events saw GK dissolve and the tapes remain forgotten for decades. Recently excavated and restored, the resulting LP is the metal revelation of 2023! First press of 500 on red vinyl with deluxe eight page booklet and picture card.

BANSHEE - Breakdown 45

Self-released in '83, this monster single is one of the great Toronto rarities, boasting a furious, rampaging Maiden-esque ripper and a menacing, power-packed flipside. Originals go for hundreds, so forty years on, this reissue is well overdue. Beautiful sleeve and new insert, one-time press of 500 on white vinyl.

V/A - Metallic Assault LP

A companion of sorts to ‘Eve of Darkness’, this hefty LP gathers lesser-known vintage steel from ten groups profiled inside the book. From the storming speedmetal of SYE and the furious NWOBHM attack of MINOTAUR through HARLOTT’s brash swagger and HAVOC’s traditional metal mastery, this a glimpse into the thriving heavy metal underground scene in Canada’s biggest city in the decade that forever defined our music. You read the book, now hear the music! Limited to 500 copies.

NECROMANCY - In the Eyes of Death 12"

Finally resurrected from grimy cassette and committed to vinyl for the first time ever, this 1986 demo session features five cuts of vicious, primordial death thrash in the vein of early Bathory, Slaughter and Sodom. Lurching between supremely heavy, burly midtempo churn and ripping bursts of high-velocity mayhem, 'In the Eyes of Death' is a crucial piece in the evolution of Canadian extreme metal. Cut loud at 45, plus full colour inner sleeve with liner notes and unseen photos. Limited to 500 copies.

SFH - Cold Death 12" (Urbain Grandier

Starting out as Samhain, London's SFH changed their name before debuting with this ten-track demo in 1987. Alternating between burly, aggressive Motorheaded speedmetal and raging fast crossover thrash in the Accused/DRI vein, 'Cold Death' is vintage Canadian metal at its hardest, delivering all the heaviness, velocity and power you'd expect from three members who all served time in Razor! Taken from the original tape, cut loud at 45 and packed with rare photos. Limited to 400 copies.